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An English/Spanish Bilingual Immersion Montessori school for ages 18 months - Kindergarten.

Our bilingual immersion program is integrated into the Montessori Methodology. So, children receive both an authentic Montessori English language education and an equally strong Spanish language program. This assists the child to fluently speak their non-native language by the completion of Kindergarten. It also increases their thought processes and problem-solving skills.


About La Jolla Montessori School

La Jolla Montessori School is all about teaching your children well. Our focus is to teach each child in ways they respond via the Montessori Method. LJMS provides experienced, worldly and well-educated English and Spanish teachers who observe your children and their strengths as individuals; then, builds a learning program around them to complement their personal interests and pace in both English and Spanish. The result: children will learn concepts that foster their self-esteem and independence.

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Why Choose La Jolla Montessori School?

At La Jolla Montessori School, building your child’s academic, social, intellectual and artistic growth in two languages is what motivates us. Via individualized learning, we go the extra mile to stimulate, challenge and create a ‘whole child’ who loves to learn and express his or her curiosity. Most importantly, what the child learns in the classroom continues at home. Parents learn to let their kids do things themselves!


Our Staff

Kelly McFarland, M.Ed.
Kelly McFarland, M.Ed.
Kelly McFarland attended Santa Cruz Montessori School from toddler through Kindergarten. After graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, she worked in a traditional preschool. After seeing an ad for a Montessori assistant teacher, she fondly remembered her own learning experience and taught at the Chinese American International School in San Francisco for several years. Read more
Kristin Edwards, M.Ed
Kristin Edwards, M.Ed
Kristin Edwards, M.Ed, is the Director & Co-Founder of Lifetime Montessori School and Co-Founder of La Jolla Montessori School. Her mission is to provide a quality Montessori environment for children to help prepare them to become Joyful learners and problem solvers. Kristin wants your child to love everything about school, no matter their age. Kristin Co-Founded Lifetime Montessori school in 2007. She and her team have built this San Diego school from scratch into a 180 student toddler-thru-elementary school powerhouse during this time. Read more
Ms. Hannah Welch
Ms. Hannah Welch
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Hannah Welch is from Albany, NY, and recently moved to San Diego to pursue her dream living in California by the beach. She loves helping others and making everyone’s job easier so she has always thrived in administrative work. Read more
Ms. Mara Smith
Ms. Mara Smith
Primary English Teacher
Ms. Mara Smith holds an AA in Child Development, a BA in Liberal Arts, a public-school teaching credential, and an AMI Primary degree. When she started her educational journey, she fell in love with working with children. Her journey started when she took her first course in child development and decided that was where she wanted to focus her future. Mara worked in a traditional elementary classroom for two years. After that, she worked as a Montessori teacher for eight years. Read More
Ms. Natasha Garcia
Ms. Natasha Garcia
Primary English Teacher
Natasha Garcia is a native San Franciscan who relocated to San Diego to pursue who Montessori training. Natasha graduated from San Francisco State University where she earned her B.A. in Early Childhood Education. Read more
Ms. Adriana G. Prado
Ms. Adriana G. Prado
Primary Spanish Teacher
Ms. Adri is a native Spanish speaker, born in Mexico and raised in San Diego since she was a child. After completing her education in Child Development, she was first introduced to Montessori in 2011, while working as a Spanish assistant teacher in a Primary classroom. During that year, Ms. Adri became passionate about the Montessori philosophy and decided to become a trained AMI Primary Guide at The Montessori Institute of San Diego (MISD) in 2012. Read more
Ms. Lilia Garcia
Ms. Lilia Garcia
Toddler Spanish Teacher
Ms. Lilia Garcia received her Associated Degree in Early Education from Southwestern College in 2006 and then her AMI Assistants to Infancy and Primary Diploma for children ages 0-6 years old from The Montessori institute of San Diego (MISD). Ms. Lilia worked as a Spanish Toddler guide at MISD’s Children’s House for the past 14 years. Read more
Ms. Asa Samoori
Ms. Asa Samoori
Toddler English Teacher
Ms. Asa received her AMI Montessori Diploma from the Montessori Institute of San Diego in 2018, followed by completing her master’s degree in Montessori Education from Loyola University, Maryland in 2019. She has worked in AMI Montessori schools since 2016. Ms. Asa is grateful that through her career, she gets an opportunity to serve the children. Read more

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Our Montessori school blog is filled with advice, lessons, and resources for parents and educators of infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school children.
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