Heather Davis holds a Ph.D. in Applied Child Development from the University of Georgia (2001) and spent the first 15 years of her career working in public teacher education. In 2014, she relocated to San Diego and was able to pursue her long-time interest in Dr. Maria Montessori’s work. She trained as an AMI Primary Guide at the Montessori Institute of San Diego (MISD) and has experience serving as a Head Guide, floating teacher, and administrative assistant at AMI-affiliated schools including three years as an English-speaking guide at MISD’s bilingual program (2016-2019).
Heather’s interest in Dr. Montessori’s perspective on early childhood education began with her own studies in college / graduate school. But, she became passionate about Dr. Montessori’s pedagogy when she became a ‘Montessori Mom’ to Hannah and Gavin. Both of her children were enrolled in Montessori Primary-level programs and her son, Gavin, completed the lower-elementary cycle (6-9 years). She is particularly drawn to the aspects of Dr. Montessori’s theory that remind us of the ways in which the young child (0-6 years) is constructing their sense of self and the role we, as adults, play in helping them to understand their time and place in the world.
Heather grew up on Long Island, New York and has lived, learned, and worked in several regions of the country. In her free time, she enjoys cooking / baking, hiking, water sports, and traveling with her family. She is honored to support this amazing group of educators and the families at La Jolla Montessori School.