Kristin Edwards, M.Ed

Advisor and Co-Founder

Kristin Edwards, M.Ed, is the Director & Founder of Lifetime Montessori School and Co-Founder of La Jolla Montessori School. Her mission is to provide a quality Montessori environment for children to help prepare them to become Joyful learners and problem solvers. Kristin wants your child to love everything about school, no matter their age.
Kristin Founded Lifetime Montessori school in 2007. She and her team have built this San Diego school from scratch into a 180 student toddler-thru-elementary school powerhouse during this time.
Kristin has always had a love of children and a desire to take care of them. At the University of New Hampshire, where she earned a Child Psychology degree, she spent two semesters as an observer at a third-grade public school. She was hooked on teaching.
Shortly thereafter, she moved to California and took an assistant’s job at a Santa Barbara Montessori school. Here, she learned the difference between public school and the Montessori Method.
Kristin then enrolled at the Montessori Institute of San Diego. There, she teamed with Loyola College in Maryland and earned her Montessori diploma and Master of Education degree. Following three years as a headteacher, she saw a need to provide a positive environment for both children and teachers. Thus, she became an administrator.
A seven-year dream was realized when Lifetime Montessori School was founded in 2007. In addition to her duties there, she acts as the LJMS Advisor to her colleague and friend Kelly McFarland. Like Kelly, Kristin also has twins!