Floater/Primary EDP Teacher

Ms. Kalpana Masaram earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Sciences from MIST Engineering College and a Master of Science Degree in Informational Technology from ASTRA University in India. After graduation, she worked as an Assistant Professor teaching Sophomores and Juniors IT-related coursework at an Indian University. She enjoyed the academic teaching environment and inspired her students engaging them in group discussions. After her marriage and coming to the United States of America, she joined Wisconsin Montessori school as an Assistant Teacher to continue her passion for teaching children early development skills while being a mother of her first child.
Ms. Kalpana took a few years off to focus on her family after the birth of her second child. She recently moved to San Diego and is excited to return to the classroom and join our LJMS team.
In her free time, Ms. Kalpana loves going to the beach, cooking, listening to music, and spending time with her family and friends. She is a proud mother of two beautiful young children nurturing them in Dr. Montessori’s unique early childhood learning methodology.