Ms. Michelle Saldivar

Primary English Guide

Ms. Michelle is a second-generation Montessori Guide. She found herself constantly in her mother’s environment (classroom) from a young age. She remembers observing how every child works differently and how the materials made the children feel independent and part of a community. And, she remembers her mother’s big smile going to work each day.
After graduating from the Montessori Institute of San Diego in 2017, Ms. Michelle returned to her hometown in Tijuana, Mexico to continue her studies in Education Sciences. She implemented what she learned at MISD and in her education courses in her Montessori environments at Paolini Montessori and Scripps Montessori School.
Ms. Michelle continues to be amazed by the method and is focused on giving her best to all children. She plans to continue her studies to learn how to best support children with special needs in the future. She has experience guiding children in both the toddler and primary environments.
In her free time, Ms. Michelle enjoys the outdoors like going on long walks, hikes and camping. She is grateful for the company of her loved ones and for getting to learn new things like surfing.