Ms. Rosie Quinlan

Floating Teacher/Toddler EDP Guide

Ms. Rosie Quinlan is originally from Jupiter, Florida and moved to Santa Barbara in 2017. While living in Santa Barbara, she attended Santa Barbara City College and received her Associate’s Degree in Social Sciences. Ms. Rosie moved to San Diego a couple of years ago to attend the University of California in San Diego, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She enjoyed learning about Child Psychology and Development while attending University, which inspired her to find a job working with children! She also grew up around a lot of other children and through observation, became fascinated by how different each child is. She is excited to get more experience here at La Jolla Montessori school.
In her free time, Ms. Rosie loves to go to the beach, do Pilates, and spend time with her family and friends.