Ms. Nayibe Martin

Morning EDP Guide/Primary Floater

Ms. Nayibe Martin grew up in Colombia and has lived in California for the past 14 years. She always knew she wanted to be a teacher, even from a young age. She loves children and the beauty they bring into the world. She wants to help them develop into the beautiful people they are destined to become. After the many hours she dedicates to teaching young children, Ms. Nayibe (or Yibe) feels as though she is doing something right when she hears a child say ‘I love you’. Ms. Nayibe enjoys working at La Jolla Montessori school and feels lucky to be a part of the community and work with all of the amazing teachers and staff.
Ms. Nayibe has been married to her husband, Eric, for 10 years and has a dog (Don Juan), and two birds (Papaya & Leeloo).
In her free time, Ms. Nayibe enjoys going to the thrift store, doing projects around the house, gardening, and working out.