Ms. Kathleen Soussou

Primary English Teacher

Ms. Kathleen Dian Soussou, born in a family of educators, is a native from the South of France, where she received a Master’s degree in English and American Literature/Civilization from the University of Provence. She then earned a teaching degree and got certified as an English teacher by the French Ministry of Education. For nine years, Ms. Kathleen was a teacher of English as a foreign language, teaching at the high school, middle school, and university levels, during which time, she had the honor of serving as part of the jury for the French Baccalaureate twice.
Ms. Kathleen is very interested in the developmental psychology of young children and adolescents and in methodologies for assisting students with neurodiversity. Along these lines, she has been impressed with the Montessori pedagogical approach that enables all children to develop into responsible, confident, and knowledgeable adults.
Ms. Kathleen is AMI-trained from the Montessori Institute of San Diego and was the Primary guide at the training center model school for 5 years. She was also the Assistant to the Primary Course there and worked under the guidance of Dr. Dubovoy and Cristina De Leon. She also was a guest lecturer to the adult students and shared her experience in the classroom with them.
Ms. Kathleen is always interested in acquiring more teaching tools that align with the Montessori philosophy, and as such was trained in Positive discipline as well as in Music together. She is committed to creating an inclusive culturally diverse classroom where each child feels safe and accepted. She completed the AMI Anti-bias Anti Racist (ABAR) course in 2021.
In her free time, when not reading or watching webinars about education and parenting, Ms. Kathleen enjoys swimming, biking, and hiking, and since her first visit to San Diego has developed a passion for paragliding. Lastly, Kathleen is an accomplished and award-winning flute player, trained and certified at the music conservatory of Marseille, and was the Director of a Music Summer camp in the French Alps for 22 years.